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Company introduction


        Shenzhen photoelectric Co., Ltd. is committed to optical products research, development, production, sales as one of the enterprises. Its own R & D and production: ordinary filter, photosensitive resistance filter, day and night filter. Specializing in the manufacture of filters: set square, round, polygon, set a single layer, double layer, three, four, five layers, set optical crystal, Japan blue glass.


        Main production: optical low pass filter (OLPF), infrared cut-off filter, infrared transmission filter. Adhere to the "quality first, price reasonable, customer first" business philosophy, in the spirit of "unity, progress, dedication" of the enterprise spirit, in the fierce market competition in the pursuit of higher, farther, stronger goal, by the vast number of customers trust and support!

       The optical low-pass filter is mainly used in military defense, digital camera, computer camera, optical testing instrument, CCD, CMOS, CCTV, CCD, CMOS projector, etc. due to adopting phase discontinuity, when static pseudo color, corrugated and other unnecessary will work when the optical low pass filter can provide the function of eliminating noise. "Customer satisfaction, high quality and low price" is our tireless goal, the company will be full, efficient and quick face, high quality after-sales service, to provide you with first-class products and professional technical support.

corporate culture:
  Sincerity:Win the trust with honesty and take advantage of trust。  
  Unite:Our wills unite like a fortress. unity is gold.  
  Be dedicated:Dare to take risks and assume responsibility.  
  innovate:Break the Convention and surpass yourself.